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How to Start Profiting from AI Chatbot Technology…

Sites who use artificial intelligence-driven chatbots on their site are seeing more engagement, greater feedback, and a visitor-to-sale process that can be managed without human resources.

Chatbots are limited in their capabilities, but what’s most important is that they are learning. They’re getting better, not just as a technology, but on an individual level, they learn the wants and needs of your customers and perform better over time.

Here are a few chatbot services that will aid your visitor-to-sale process and help increase your profits. These chatbot services are to be combined with a range of other technologies, like FB Messenger, Telegram, Slack, Kik, Youtube or your website.

Facebook Messenger


Slack — GrowthBot



Beep Boop (for Slack)




Octane AI


Simply giving you a list of sites that can help you make a start with AI chatbots is not enough to help you learn what is and isn’t profitable, so we thought we’d share some ideas, or business models, to help you make some money.



Bots as a Service. One way of making money is to design and manage chatbots for others, to help their lead-to-sale or visitor-to-sale process. As you may see with the above list of links, these sites are usually offering a free ‘basic’ version, which is followed by tiered pricing to meet your needs. If you are able to code a chatbot for a customer, you can replicate this idea by tiering your chatbots functionality with pricing.


Advertising within bots

Let’s create an example. Say you’re trying to use a chatbot to purchase tickets for a concert in London, so you’re going through the motions with the bot. One way of profiting on this communication is to use either native or sponsored content within the conversation. Pre-booking, you could send native concert like ‘Does this concert fall on an evening you’re busy? Here’s a listing for the rest of their tour’. With sponsored content, it could be a hotel next to the venue saying ‘Once your tickets are booked, you might want to consider staying with us, here’s a 10% discount code’. This is a great way to make money using chatbots.

Affiliate marketing

Imagine you run a travel blog website, and you’re trying to leverage your traffic to make money. Using a chatbot, you can boost your affiliate marketing sales, so that if someone searches a keyword, like ‘Thailand’, they can receive affiliate links for hotels, travel backpacks, reputable tours and travel guides. If you’re on the other side, and you’re making the chatbots, you can code a bot that is specific to an industry, offer it cheap to your target customers, and add a percentage charge for all sales made through the bot.

Lead generation for others

Create a bot.

Create a landing page.

Use bot on landing page.

Get targeted leads.

Sell leads to producers.


Repeat with new bots and industries/products/services.

Ok, there’s a little more to it than that, but essentially if you can get a bot to answers enough questions and provide enough value that you can get a positive response to ‘Can I pass along your details to have one of our team get in touch?’, then you are winning.

Direct sales chatbots

Have a directory of products? List them in your chatbot. When someone engages with the chatbot, ask what they’re looking for. Show them results. They buy, the bot wins, they don’t buy, retarget them, and later the bot wins.

Cheaper than a therapist…

In theory, a therapist can programme their bot with their knowledge, expertise, and advice, so that when someone uses it, they get help at a much lower price than actually seeing a shrink. Some bots are playing with this idea already, and charging for a set amount of time. Swap therapist for doctor, physio, counsellor, tour guide, or whatever mentor-mentee / guide-guided relationship you can think of.

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